The company SP EKON, s.r.o. began dealing with logistics and related services in 2013. In the leased premises, it provided the receiving of goods, their storage and further dispatch according to the requirements of its clients. In general, it acts as an "external warehouse" for customers who want to be closer to their end customers, or due to insufficient storage capacity of the customers themselves.


Based on the needs of existing customers, the company has moved to the new premises and since 2017 it has been operating in a newly built logistic warehouse equipped with modern loading options as well as a shelving system that will ensure clear and safe storage of stored goods.

Executive managers themselves have been working in logistics for more than 15 years, gaining experience in various foreign and domestic logistic companies. The rest of the working team is also composed of workers with several years of experience working in warehouses and similar companies.

Thanks to the modern shelving system, the goods are clearly and safely stored. There is unlimited access to each pallet, which ensures the availability of goods at any time in terms of quantity, quality and other customer needs.


The registry of goods in the warehouse is carried out through the warehouse information system EIB from the company LLARIK, s.r.o .. All information about the quality and quantity of stored goods into the system and records are obtained by scanning barcodes and entering data into scanners.

Thanks to the warehouse information system, we can record the site and location of stored goods in real time, along with other attributes such as information about the receipt, stored quantity and future shipment of goods. According to the customer's needs, we can continuously inform him about the state of stocks in the warehouse.

The location of the warehouse is in a very good position due to its proximity to the highway D1 exit Poprad - Východ.


Except for the warehousing, we can offer some other activities such as simple assemblage of several components into one, or sorting and control work from the point of view of qualitative distinction of stored goods.

The technical equipment of the warehouse ensures simple, safe and reliable handling of the goods. There are used a modern handling technics (Linde brand) in the warehouse. All handling technics are electrically powered, with the respect to the environment. The goods are placed in a modern warehouse racks with the year of installation 2018. The warehouse is tempered in the winter, that means the temperature inside does not fall below 15 ° C. It is also secured against all other weather conditions.

The company, the warehouse, as well as individual employees, are insured against all possible risks related to the storage of goods and their handling. The building is protected 24 hours a day, as the electronic security system is connected to the central security desk of the private security service.

Amongst the existing customers of our logistics warehouse are domestic and foreign companies:

  • Smurfit Kappa Obaly Štúrovo
  • DS Smith Turpak Obaly
  • STIGA Slovakia
  • Immergas Europe
  • Bidfood Slovakia
  • TR VIC (Taliansko)
  • Stora Enso Poland (Poľsko)
  • Dunapack (Maďarsko)

We approach customers individually, trying to satisfy their needs and thus help them in their business and help them move forward in their efforts.



+421 907 073 566
+421 918 470 056
Priemyselná 5481, Poprad – Matejovce

Invoicing details:
SP EKON, s.r.o.
Duty: Allendeho 2735/24, 059 51 Poprad - Matejovce
Registered in OR OS Prešov, odd. Sro, vl. č. 22676/P
IČO: 45 346 852 , DIČ: 202 298 2951
IČ DPH: SK 202 298 2951