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The company SP EKON, s.r.o. began dealing with logistics and related services in 2013. In the leased premises, it provided the receiving of goods, their storage and further dispatch according to the requirements of its clients. In general, it acts as an "external warehouse" for customers who want to be closer to their end customers, or due to insufficient storage capacity of the customers themselves.

Based on the needs of existing customers, the company has moved to the new premises and since 2017 it has been operating in a newly built logistic warehouse equipped with modern loading options as well as a shelving system that will ensure clear and safe storage of stored goods.

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Fulfillment for e-shops

If you run an e-shop and you want to have enough time to fully take care of it, we will help you. We will provide full service regarding the storage and shipping of your goods to customers.

Your goods will have a place in our warehouse and we will take care not only of packing, sending and shipping packages, but also of preparing special packings and box assembly for shipments. You can meanwhile focus on building top relationships with your customers, and marketing. You will not have to worry about the process of shipping packages at all, and each of your products will be reliably delivered to the customer´s hands. We are open for various forms of tailor-made cooperation and we are also ready to meet the high-standard requirements that you have, regarding the expedition of goods.

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Quality and Quantity inspection services

Quality and Quantity on site (China) inspection services, for consumer product manufacturers or dealers, to verify that the products manufactured and shipped respect their specific requirements and contractually established features:

  • Inspection prior to production
  • During production inspection
  • Final random inspection


New-built logistic warehouse and its inner premises.



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SP EKON, s.r.o.
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